Terms & Conditions

Effective date: June 8, 2018




a. Included

⦁Full Board accomodations

⦁ All meals and snacks while on board (Lunch on check in time, Breakfast on check out time)

⦁ Mineral water, tea and coffee 

⦁ Dive up to 3-4x/day

⦁ Water sport activity Equipment: Snorkle, Rubber Canoe, Kayak, Seadoo Scooter

⦁ Pick up and transfer from and to airport/Hotel

⦁ Gratuities for crew 


b. Excluded

⦁ International and domestic flight

⦁ Hotels and meals ashore before and after the cruise

⦁ Port Clearance & Marine Park Fee

⦁ Insurance

⦁ Entrance fee for Private tour/Land tour

⦁ Softdrink & Alcohol

⦁ Diving for Leisure Trip USD 50/dive/person  


Arrival & Departure Time:

⦁ Check in   : 12.00

⦁ Check out : 10.00



⦁ After booking/reservation is made, invoice will be sent to transfer the down payment of 30% from the total transaction.

⦁ Within 10 (ten) days after the invoice sent, the down payment must be transfered and reach our bank account. If not, we will release the booking date.

⦁ Balance payment must be paid maximum 90 days / 3 months before the departure date.

⦁ All the booking must be confimed with the data metion in the valid Identification card(guest name, nationality, departure/arrival date, flight detail).



⦁ All cancellation made by guests/agent must be done by registered post (Email, Fax etc), where upon Kireina Phinisi reserved the right to apply cancellation fee as per Kireina Phinisi Terms & Conditions.

⦁ In the unlikeliy event of unforseen or unavoidable circumstances  that forced Kireina Phinisi to cancel confirmed charter, an alternative dates will be offer to the agent/client as an option or refund will be offered.

⦁ In the even of the cancellation, alternation or shortening the trip due to weather condition or an unforseen natural phenomenon, Kireina will offer alternatives date as an options for the trip and refund the service not rendered.

⦁ In the event of cancellation by Force Majeure (Natural disasters, epidemics, and unforseen act of God) or an avoidable act of Man (War, Riots, etc.), Kireina will offer alternative dates at the earliest possible dates. If such option, Kireina will not be obligated to refund any payment made.

⦁ Kireina Phinisi WILL NOT responsible nor obligated to refund any further cost raise from the cancellations of the trip (Flights, Hotel, etc).

⦁ As such we HIGHLY RECOMMEND a Travel Insurance with trip cancellation coverage before travelling to Indonesia.

⦁ Kireina Phinisi will inform agent/clients at the earliest possible convinience.



⦁ Kireina Phinisi reserve the rights to change the itenerary and publish rate at anytime, before the payment has been made.

⦁ Kireina Phinisi reserve the rights to change the itenerary at any time, include in the last minute before the trip, if the unlikeliy event of unforseen or unavoidable circumstances arise, such as war, natural disaster, extrem weather, epidemic, local riots and any action that can put passangers, crew and boat in a life danger situation.

⦁ Trip schedule changes can be made by the clien if the changes being informed to Kireina Phinisi 90 days prior to the trip date.

⦁ Trip changes depend on the availability schedule.

⦁ In rare circumstances, it is possible that prices must be increased. The circumstances under which this may occur are as follows:

   - Increases in transportation costs (including fuel costs) Increases in state taxes and duties (i.e. embarkation/disembarkation fees, sales taxes etc.) Currency fluctuations.

   - Kireina Phinisi reserves the right to raise the agreed price up to 21 days prior to departure.



⦁ If there are special requests/additions from agent/guests such as certain food menu orders, requires a foreign language translator and others outside those already provided by Kireina Phinisi, then this must be informed at the maximum of 1 (one) month before the trip date and all additional costs are the responsibility of the agent/guest.

⦁ Kireina Phinisi reserve the rights to decline the translator or private dive guide offered by the agent/guest.

⦁ Kireina Phinisi reserve the rights to decline the additional/special request made by the agent/guest if the request is not in accordance with the agreed time limit or if the request cannot be found the availability on site.

⦁ If there are other requests from agent/guests that is not provided by Kireina Phinisi, it will be prepared by the Agent/guest itself.

⦁ Dive Master and Private Dive Master request. If there is a request for certain Dive Master (DM) or Private Dive Master (DM):

⦁ Request for certain Local DM: 

Agent/guest must pay the balance fee for the DM if the certain DM fee is higher than Kireina Phinisi standard fee for DM. If there are other costs related to the DM, then

the fee will be charged to the guest / agent. This special DM request must be submitted by the guest / agent 2 (two) months before the trip begins and also depends on

the local DM's ability / willingness itself.

⦁ Private DM Request from the ship:

Guests / agents pay an additional fee of Rp. 750,000 / day dive and also the Private DM tips.

⦁ Private DM requests from guests:

If there is a request from agent/guest to bring Private DM himself, then agent/guest is obliged to:

- Pay the fee for Private DM per day of dive and the Private DM tips.

- Carrying out Private DM accommodation costs on the ship at 50% of the normal boat fare.

- Cover all costs incurred to bring the Private DM.



If there is a loss or damage of Kireina Phinisi property, such as dive gear, room/cabin and restaurant equipment, whether it is on purpose or accidently made by the guest, so it will be full agent/guest responsibility.



Kireina Phinisi does not take any responsibility for loss or damage to guest’s personal belongings that are due to Force Majeure causes. We recommend you have FULL travel insuranceb to protect your belongings



As a guests of Kireina Phinisi, conducting in diving, snorkeling, trekking or any other activities I should:

⦁ Maintain good mental and physical health and avoid being under the influence of alcohol or drug while participating in activities

⦁ Listen carefully to briefings and directions and respect the advice of those supervising all activities

⦁ Adhere to a buddy system and do  not solo dive throughout every dive

⦁ Remain with the guide at all times

⦁ Maintain proper buoyancy control, both at the surface and while diving

⦁ If lost from the group it is compulsory to surface after searching for no more than 1 minute

⦁ Respect the laws of the national park, including no touching or harassing any species whether in or out of the water

⦁ Never dive outside the recreational dive limits i.e no decompression diving

⦁ Never exceed a depth of 30m

⦁ It is at the guides direction whether or not said person dives advice site due to health, fitness, buoyancy, attitude or experience concerns are present



As a diver aware that skin diving and scuba diving have inherent health risks. Understand that diving with compressed air involves inherent health risks including but not limited to decompression sickness, air embolism or other hyperbaric injuries that require treatment in a recompression chamber.

Further understand that dives are made in a remote area without medical facilities nearby and choose to proceed in the knowledge that a recompression chamber and medical facilities are not in close proximity to the die sites.

And will release Kireina Phinisi and employee from any claim or law suit by me, my family, estate, heirs or assigns, arising from my enrollment and participation with Kireina Phinisi and all employee as defined above from liability responsibility for personal injury, property damage or wrongful death however caused, including but not limited to the negligence of the released parties whether passive active.

Fully informed yourself and your heirs of the contents of this liability release and assumption of risk Agreement by reading it before signed on behalf of yourself and your heirs.



Shortcomings in our services during the vessel are to be reported immediately to our tour leader / cruise director on board. If possible the cruise director will try to find an appropriate solution. When the complaint cannot be solved aboard, the operating office Kireina Phinisi should be notified in writing no later than 14 days after disembarkation. Kireina Phinisi will settle the dispute to the best of her abilities within 2 weeks after receiving the complaint.